Falls on the Colorado Museum
Nov 23, 2021
Robyn Richter
Falls on the Colorado Museum

Robyn Richter will tell us about the Falls on the Colorado Museum located in Marble Falls.

Located in the quaint community of Marble Falls, The Falls on the Colorado Museum is described by visitors as a marvelous little gem which would make town founder Adam Rankin Johnson proud. Currently the museum is housed in what was once a university building that Johnson helped found in 1891, the museum is nearly 6000 square feet. It proudly displays artifacts from prehistoric era to modern relevant events of today. 

Robyn, daughter of Texas Senator Walter Richter, is a lifelong resident of Marble Falls. She has been heavily involved with the Marble Falls Area EMS, holding many life-saving certifications and also teaches EMT and paramedic courses.

This program was arranged by Rotarian Gil Jones