Chess Long and several students from MFISD's Falls Career High School gave Daybreakers a great rundown of the unique features of Falls.
Chess (far left) is in charge of student services at Falls and is shown here with several students, current and graduate. Rotarian and Past District Governor Barbara Warden (far right) arranged the program. Chess gave us a clear understanding of what Falls is, and is not. Foremost, Falls is not the "discipline" campus, a point which was made by the stories of some of the students. 
One of them was new to the campus and sought the ability to set her own pace and graduate early. The instructional material is computer-based with teachers available for assistance and additional instruction as needed. While a  minimum pace is set, the student can move forward at a greater pace which appeals to many students over the traditional classroom format. Two of the students found themselves parents at an early age and has used the flexible format of Falls to finish their education and obtain their diplomas while fulfilling their parental responsibilities. 
Daybreak and Falls have a special relationship of mutual support. The Club involves the students in its community and fund-raising activities which provides a great venue for the students to fulfill their community service obligations and learn Service Above Self through hands-on experiences. 
One of the biggest joint projects was the renovation of the landscaping at the old Marble Falls city jail on Second Street. Their next project with us is Adoption Day on November 14, 2015 where eight families will welcome over a dozen children into their fold.