Daybreak Rotarians Eddie Arredondo, Barbara Warden, and Ed Cole participated in an Adoption Awareness "match party" last Saturday. That event is part of the kick-off for Daybreak's adoption initiative.


(Story by Eddie Arredondo, Adoption Awareness co-Chair for Daybreak Rotary)

The Marble Falls Daybreak Rotary Board recently met and approved its initial support in the promotion of adoption for local children.  As part of this response, President Jim Warden appointed a committee to investigate what our club can do.  

The co-chairs for the group are Eddie Arredondo and Barbara Warden.  The Adoption Awareness Committee has formed and had several meetings.  It soon will be presenting its findings to the overall membership.  In the meantime, the committee was presented a unique opportunity. Eddie at Centennial

The Centennial Club in the Cedar Park area of Austin held a "match party" on Saturday March 23rd.  Such parties involve inviting pre-qualified parents interested in adopting a child to a social gathering to meet children needing adoptive parents.  As the event involves the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, strict security measures were required for all volunteers and participants.  

Barbara at CentennialThree Marble Falls Daybreak Adoption Committee Members were given the opportunity to learn and participate in the event.  Barbara Warden, Ed Cole, and Eddie Arredondo all passed security clearances and were put to work.

The photos speak for themselves.  Barbara prepared food, Eddie grilled, and Ed served the meal.  Additionally, the three learned a lot about hosting such an event.  More importantly, they met persons from around the State who are involved in the promotion of adoptions.  This networking opportunity is deemed to be a big help as Daybreak Rotary hopes to promote this important cause in the future.Ed at Centennial

The children had a great time, requests for some adoptions are underway, and the effort met the 4-way test.  This was the Centennial Rotary Club's first match party, and it was an outstanding success.  The Adoption Awareness Committee thanks the Centennial Club and its President, Jerry Lozano for their invitation .  Together, we have made a difference.

While the "match party" participation was valuable to us, Daybreak intends to take a slightly different direction in promoting quality foster care and adoptions in the "Greater Burnet County" and Highland Lakes area. More to come.