Foster care can lead to the adoption of children needing a good family.
Brad shared his experiences with the fostering and adoption system. Brad and his wife, Nyla have lived in Marble Falls since 2001. Both are Occupational Therapists, graduates of Colorado State University and have been in practice for 16 yrs. 
Nyla moved to Texas from Iowa when she was 10 and Brad is originally from Green Bay, WI. Brad started out in pediatrics and worked in the Burnet School District from 2001-2010. After children, Brad switched to geriatrics and now practices home health full time. Nyla works in pediatrics, currently at an amazing hippo (horse) therapy ranch in Dripping Springs. 
Between 2005-2007 Bran and Nyla started a family and went from NO children to FOUR children. They became foster adopt parents and adopted two girls in fall of 2006. Their family now includes two biological sons and two adopted daughters, ages 7-12. They are strong advocates for the foster care to adoption path to adopt children who need a good home. 
The experience of Brad and Nyla highlights the current project of Daybreak Rotary to help increase the number of foster homes in the Burnet/Llano county area and to raise awareness of adoption. Daybreak will host the 2nd annual Adoption Day at the Burnet County courthouse on November 15.
Brad is also an ultra runner and race director. He and Nyla organize six trail and road races in the hill country. They are nearing the 10 year anniversary of the Capt'n Karl's Trail Series, which was started in honor of Nyla's father Karl, as he was battling lung cancer.