Dr. Kelly Fox spoke to Marble Falls Daybreak Rotary today about the partnership between Texas Tech and the Marble Falls ISD for an innovative mentor-education student program. 

The students are mentored and evaluated over the course of a year in classroom student teaching assignments and upon graduation they have a full year of experience under their belt. Kelly is shown here with one of the two students in this pilot program. The school district and the student get to look at each other for that one-year period and if it's a fit, then the school knows it is getting a quality teacher who already knows the local school district, and vice-versa. 

The program is known as "TechTeach" and is a teacher education program at Texas Tech University which is a clinically intensive, competency-based program designed to prepare teachers. Those teachers will be better prepared to improve the academic performance of K-12 students.

The program was sponsored by Rotarian Rick Edwards who serves as the Marble Falls ISD Board President.