Joseph's Food Pantry is more than just a food pantry. Roy Guerrero told Daybreak Rotarians all about it today.


The Pantry is also a resource place where people of the Hill Country can come and get help with food, clothing, household items, help filling our form, and help finding resources to pay essential bills such as water and electricity. They serve approximately 6,000 people monthly within the several programs available. 

As a partner with the Austin Capitol Food Bank Joseph's Pantry has a valuable ally in purchasing. One of their large evolutions is to receive and distribute 10-12,000 pounds of produce once a month. 

Roy and his wife both volunteer at the Pantry. Roy is a full time employee elsewhere and spends his days off there. Theirs is truly a ministry of love and the community is fortunate to have them.

More information is available at  And see the Daily Tribune article in December, 2012.