Wow. What a place, serving children, and the elderly and disabled to boot.
Executive Director Bill Drake gave us an update on the B&GC, reinforcing what we already knew: that it is an indispensable part of our community. Rotarians learned that not only does it (Marble Falls and Burnet combined) serve several hundred school-age children, but also is now the hub of the Meals on Wheels distribution system. The club's kitchen facility is being used to produce about 150 meals county-wide with most being delivered but many are enjoyed right in the B&GC facility.
The Club is now up to 42 computers, thus giving many more students the ability to have time doing educational activities. Each student's machine is monitored by teaching staff both to give assistance and to monitor the activity as safe since the internet is employed. 
In addition to the assistance given to the children directly, national B&GC stats indicate a Return on Investment to the community of $1:9.60, that is, for each dollar in operating the Club, the community gets back $9.60 in the enhancement of the educational experience, providing a safe place for the children, and reduction in consumption of alcohol according to E.D. Drake.
Way to do, Bill and staff.