Larry Conway spoke to us on Tuesday, 3/1/22, about his 35 years of Missionary work in the cities and surrounding rural areas of Nairobi and Kenya. His mission reaches out to and helps homeless children on the streets of these cities by providing counseling, food, clothes, shoes, vocational training opportunities, and in some cases shelter, and bible study.
A native of Odessa Texas, Larry married, a gal from Austria. They began to do missionary work together many years ago.  
Larry believes that "What we do in life echoes in eternity."
He follows the words of Psalm 27:10:
For had my father and my mother forsaken me, then had Jehovah taken me up. 
There are a lot of abandoned children in Nairobi and Kenya. A common scenario occurs when a single mother gets desperate and abandons her children. These kids grow up thinking that there is nothing left for them but life on the streets. They may live in broken down vehicles, or near the markets, where they often rummage for discarded rotten fruits and vegetables which they eat or use to produce heat to survive. They are called scavengers and they suffer abuse for their situations. One way many of them try to cope is by huffing glue, Jet fuel, or other inhalants. These provide a relatively cheap high of numbness and escape, but are very dangerous because using these inhalants causes serious brain, lung, and other organ damage. Large numbers of these kids in African cities are called Zombies.  
But Larry and his Missionaries thinks that there is a future for these kids and their program strives to give kids incentives to get off the streets and off of drugs like inhalants. They try to help kids return to their families, if they have them. They encourage some to go to vocational school to learn a trade instead of regular school. They provide counseling, food, clothes, shoes, and in some cases shelter, and bible study.
Another thing the missionaries do is try to spread the Gospel. In many of these countries, practicing Christianity is illegal and you can be killed for it. But, a small SD card can play the Gospel in people’s native languages on any MP3 player. Solar MP3 players are easy to conceal. The missionaries hand these out to kids and adults to provide a way for more people to listen to the Gospel, in their own native languages!
Larry and his Missionaries believe that “Teamwork makes the Dream work.”