Sarah spoke about the Phoenix Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, committed to meeting the need for high-quality, affordable mental health care for children and families in rural Central Texas.
The Phoenix Center is well-known to most of us for its fine work providing mental health care for children and families. Sarah filled us in on several exciting new things in progress at the Center.
She has applied for a "Courthouse" dog -- a service type dog that will be used daily in therapy sessions and will also be available to comfort children at the courthouse who are testifying about their cases. Phoenix Center has four therapists and in addition to the upcoming canine therapy, they provide equine therapy. Therapy using animals is known to be of great comfort to children and to assist in their progress in therapy.
Phoenix is looking for land upon which to have a permanent presence for their summer camp which is open to many children at no cost. Sarah is busy with other projects such as the upcoming showing of "A Gift Horse" at the Uptown Theatre on January 25, and the main fund-raiser of the year: the Boots, Blues & Boogie Ball on February 7.