After only 26 years in the planning, the Marble Falls PD is getting new, state of the art, public safety facility.
Chief Mark Whitacre has to be the most patient man on earth. Literally, since 1990, this project has been under consideration. Mark recounted how, on the occasion of his remarks at the ribbon-cutting, his first word was "Wow!" It was really happening.
More than merely a "police station" (which conjures up different images for different folks) it includes a highly sophisticated communications center capable of dispatching for dozens of agencies, an Emergency Operations Center, and, my favorite, two detention cells. On occasion when I was on the district court bench I would go to an agency to consider a search warrant rather than them coming to me. I once went to the PD for that and in the back office area where I would sit to review the papers, there was a person in custody -- sitting on the floor hand-cuffed to the steel chair leg that was bolted to the floor. She kept falling out of the chair so they put her on the floor for a shorter tumble. 
The Chief also talked about the anti-DWI program in the form of "no refusal" policies 24/7. For a number of years now Marble Falls, and eventually Burnet County, DPS and TPWD have requested a blood draw for DWI arrests and, lacking consent, have obtained search warrants. The result has been to cut DWI arrests in half and necessary court appearances for officers to almost none.
Thanks for coming, Chief. We look forward to a tour of the new facility, minus any silver-colored bracelets. smiley