Made In The Streets ministry in Nairobi gives lives back to street children.
Larry Conway and his wife Hollye have lived in Kenya 28 years, where since 2004 they have been involved in this ministry (bio here). Larry (shown here with Buck Burdett who brought us this program) gave Daybreak Rotarians a gut-wrenching view of life on the streets of Nairobi. His organization, Made In The Streets (MITS) gives an opportunity to children, both boys and girls, who have fled there homes and are living on the streets. The provide the love of God, unconditional love, and an education. MITS becomes the legal guardian of the child and sees them through a graduation at age 18 that includes not only a high school diploma but job skills and mentoring in the ways of getting and keeping a job. 
Many of the children are addicted to glue -- sniffing various kinds of toxic glue which causes brain damage and respiratory complications. Although drug dealers who peddle to children are rarely prosecuted due to the corrupt police and government in general, some dealers have been converted to Christianity due to their awareness of and unconditional love from this missionary program.
Larry recounted the story of one 14 year old boy who had killed a pedestrian as part of the ritual required to join a gang. As with juvenile gangs here in the U.S., they provide a sense of family that juveniles on the street long for. Feeling guilt and knowing of MITS, he was drawn to their style of "family" and ultimately asked to be baptized. When Larry suggested "Let's do it right now" the boy said "No, not now. My school is taking a trip to the Indian Ocean and my sins are so great that it will take the waters of the ocean to wash them away." He was later baptized and has done well.
Larry is the son-in-law of Rotarian Ed Cole. Thanks, Larry, for being with us today.