Posted by Gil Jones on Aug 30, 2017
That's right, HARTH. The heart  to operate the Horse Assisted Therapy for Veterans facility assisting Vets with PTSD. HARTH.
Veterans from all the services are subject to coming home with PTSD. We all know that. Fortunately for some, HARTH exists to assist with their recovery. From her facility on Lake Buchanan Sherry's Foundation has warm blood horses -- horses that have been competitive jumpers -- to which affected Vets can relate. Distrust, anxiety, and shot nerves can all be addressed with equine therapy. In addition to the horse therapy HARTH can bring psychological therapists in as needed.
HARTH also has the ability to work with the entire family or other cohesive groups in small group settings for a weekend retreat. The facility's big test is coming as Fort Hood is about to send groups of 30! Sherry will be busy and is looking for volunteers.